Power of Mind

The three important words!

You might have heard many kind of words, but what have you taken seriously matters. Here I will be giving you an idea on these three words which are very important in ones life to excel. The way you take in is the key to your success.

Here three words I’m not referring to any love or affection kind of words but these words are like magic, which can change your way of thinking.

Magical words:

The three magical words are none other than “ Yes I Can “. You might be wondering what’s the big idea in these words! You may have also seen them written somewhere. Yes there is a big idea which when adapted could make yourself change.

What happens when you are given a task or situation to do? You will think of the procedure and then respond back whether you are willing to do it or no by analysing the effort and risk in the work. Do you do this to all the work assigned to you ?

Why don’t you respond the same to all kinds of work and why do you have to categorise into such different work load or situations? It’s because of the effort and risk right! If you are given a work which is easier or you already know the procedure for that, will you feel the excitement or enthusiasm to do it? I guess no!

Do you think you will be able to learn something when you are given a work which is easier as compared to your ability? Then what’s the point of doing such work when you are not able to learn a thing from it.

If you provide a certain task to a child, first it will do it with all the heart and mind. Later if you provide a similar task or a work with similar procedure, it will feel discomfort and show negligence in the work. When children want to learn new things why can’t we grown ups do the same?

The work assigned to you may be out of your reach of expertise, but it will be chance to learn something new. And the best way to do is saying Yes I Can to the work. When you get this thing in your mind, you will feel the urge to do the work at any condition.

Make up your mind to say this to yourself daily. These words will also boost your confidence and determination. This will also help you to take up more challenges which will directly help you to grow. Such small words can have a big impact on ones life.

Never say no the work or task, say yes and then analyse the condition in it. If you feel you have given all your effort but still not having an idea to solve it, take help from others, they may have ideas which may show you some direction.

Don’t hesitate to ask someone for help. There are people who are present to see you grow, they will definitely help you at any kind of situation. This means you should not ask help from everyone and at every moment. Ask only those who are highly experienced or have great knowledge.

First try yourself with all the knowledge and power you have. Try and learn from internet or books. Even though you are not able to do it, keep the last option to ask someone. Then only it will benefit you in your growth.

Remember the three magical words- Yes I Can. Yes I Can.

Repeat this when you wake up, say it while you do your work, say it when you are about to sleep. This will definitely change your way of perspective.

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