Power of Mind

True Value!

Some people are in such a hurry that they want to skip the hard and want to get recognised by everyone very soon. But it is not the way you think. Not everyone are treated equally and so is with recognition. If you want to get recognised, you need to find a proper place for such. Then only your true value can be known.


This world we live in is so versatile that if you want to compete with a person on same platform it’s not that easy. Not everyone has the same abilities, so when you try and showcase yourself and don’t get the same praises or values as others, don’t feel low. It just means you are on the wrong place.

Cat and Lion both are from the same family but do you think comparing a cat with a lion is it a right thing? Cat has it value where there are humans and lion has its true value only in the jungle. Similar is with humans.

If you feel you are not being treated as you need to be, then either you raise your standards or change the place. People like to praise cheap things very soon and this is because they can afford it. True value is appreciated only by real competitors and those who have been through such situations.

Hard work is the key to success. And by hard work you are also gaining knowledge and experience. This experience will never go waste.

Consider an old car. If you try and sell it to a broker, you may earn a little but when you put the car to crash, it’s of even lesser value. Suppose if you took the same car to some Pawn shop, you would find it very valuable. This is because it’s a vintage car and some day it’s price will go even higher.

Similar is with experience and abilities. When you feel your hard work or skills are not being utilised to the fullest, your value is not up to the mark. Find yourself such a work where you can show the best of yourself and is also appreciated by everyone.

Never feel low for not being recognised or witnessed by some one even though you are giving your best. Just like the vintage car, the place you are choosing to show case your talent is not suitable. Try more and also at other places to.

This will not only make you recognised but also your reach will increase. Once you have been recognised, the places where you were been put down, will also start appreciating you. It’s just a matter of time and proper place. Not everyone and everything will have high value a one place.

Just like the cat and lion, car has its value on road so it to plane in sky. Analyse yourself and find a better opportunity to showcase yourself. Feeling low and giving up should never be an option. Try until your body starts decaying.