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Who’s a competitor?

Competition is not only limited to sports or academics but it also applies to life. Here the competition is huge and competitors are versatile. There is no one particular activity or path to where you will find similar participants. There is no limit and no restrictions, the winner takes everything.

Winner takes everything doesn’t mean others won’t get anything. They get the most incredible experience to learn better and complete better the next time. Now who is a competitor? What is the real meaning of competitor?

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As said, competitors are versatile and some even have better experience, knowledge, support and hard work but is it enough? In the competition of life, you may treat your competitors as enemy but that’s not how’s its done. Why do you have to see them as enemy? Even they are present for the same reason as you are.

A real competitor is not the one who makes use of your difficulty and make a move but a real competitor is the one who helps you in the competition if you need and feels everyone should have equal opportunity to win. One who thinks every participants as equally worthy is a true competitor.

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. You don’t have to feel low looking others or don’t criticise them by your work. Everyone has their own way to work and make a move. You should always respect your competitors, it’s because of them you are having a chance to compete and prove yourself.

If there weren’t any competitors or worthy competitors, what would be the outcome of such a thing! Even though you feel they are highly qualified or knowledgeable, help them in case they need. Not at the time of actual competition but prior to such. If you help in real competition, it would be like you are making a path for them to go ahead.

Help them prior to any competition, make them get prepared for everything, not only them but even you have to work hard and go through everything, then only you can learn something.

This would be like making a path together. This even helps a person to get better understanding of any situation and also understanding between two people.

When you combine team work and helping hands the outcome is a real competitor. Even though you didn’t make through the competition, not to worry as you will have a better experience, but what matters is you will be role model to others too. They will have a good thinking about you.

First prepare yourself to face any situation, then help others and make a move together. If you always try to work alone, the time required will be more. Work hard and think smart.