Power of Mind


The nourishment itself doesn’t exactly make everyone nourished. Nourishment means to have all kinds of vitamins and minerals required by a human body in sufficient quantity. So what are these minerals and vitamins ? Where do we get them? Do we have to go through something extra in-order to get them well balanced?

See these will be the questions that will be arising in everyone’s mind when it comes to their own health and body, they feel like insufficient even though you have enough. Getting these questions in your mind is human nature but not for the sake of yourself but also make it to help others who fall short of these so called minerals. You don’t need to do something extra in order to have a bunch of vitamins, it’s not like a workout where in if you do some extra sets then you’ll get your arms an inch larger. No absolutely not. You can find these vitamins and minerals in your day to day food. Yes that’s true, all these vitamins and minerals are available on your dinning table waiting for you to have them. The point here is the amount or the quantity that is required by the body and the quantity you take in should be same then you can say you nourish yourself very well.

These vitamins and minerals are readily available daily but too we can see many people are unable to nourish themselves and their children. So why is this happening when everything is available? There two main reasons which I’ll highlight, one is because of high price of the vegetables and fruits and the other is, even though they tend to buy the vegetables and fruits, they won’t find good quality because the higher class people ought to take only the fresh and expensive ones where as poor people tend to bargain which makes them feel short of everything. These are the two main reasons wherein the people of the country are under nourished.

Nourishing not only means to take of yourself and only your family, why can’t you treat the area where you live in as your family and try to help the people present over there, you can see the happiness in their lives with one small step. You can make your area also nourished. And by this you need not push out the under nourished people out of your area but help them. Provide them with the food that you feel excess, in that way the food won’t get wasted and on the other hand the small kids on the road will have something to eat. If this step is followed by most of them, then we can not only make our own family nourished but our locality, our region our country also nourished and no one will die from starvation.

We have so far seen about nourishing our body, what about mind? Yes just like we provide proper nutrients to body to keep fit, the same way our mind need to be fed with proper nutrients in order to keep it fit. Nutrients here means they way we think and the work we do and not to some tablets or drugs. The best way to keep our mind nourished is by reading. Yes reading makes a mind strong. Not any kind of reading but the matter that is present also matters. Our brain is also similar to the muscles, the more we train the stronger it gets.

Proper training of mind happens only if you allow positive thoughts to rise and avoid all the negative thoughts. Yes one cannot avoid complete negativity but atleast we can try. The best way to avoid negativity is through reading. That’s why I told it as the best way to keep it strong. Reading particular books and articles and thoughts will bring positive attitude in a person and will also have better knowledge then others. If the brain is kept active then the person won’t get any health related problems. You can do many kinds of activities at home or outside which will avoid negativity and keep your mind from loosing control. If you loose control on your mind, then getting back is very difficult. The first stage seems very easy but going with same routine daily will make your mind frustrated and start feeling angry about yourself. This is the point where in you need to keep your cool. The more you concentrate the more you can achieve.

Perfect nourishment of body as well as mind are very important to lead a better life.