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Helping Hands!

Do you ever feel that nobody is going to help you in this competitive world? Yes you may think like that as everyone here are to compete and win their race, no one is going to help you here. Is it always true? No, there is always a helping hand to everyone.

True value:

Some or the other person is always present in your life to help you. No matter how good or bad you or they may be. At every point in your life, there is a turn where some people are present to compete with you where as some to help you. The only thing is to recognise who’s whom.

You may feel a person who is doing very little or no help to you is a competitor where as the other who is more into you is your friend. This is not true every time. Good people may do little but they stay with you every moment where as others are there just to enjoy your victory or support you only at your best.

A person who is present when you need the most is the best person in your life. He/she may do very little to you at that moment but the important thing is they are standing by you at your worst. When you grow up to be successful, at that time you may feel the help was very small or negligible, that’s not how you respect a helping hand.

Time is not the same with everyone. You might be in need of huge money, but nobody is helping you. At that moment if a person is proving you a penny, even that will matter. It may change you situation. A single penny and a single drop of water can change the whole the world.

If you feel you are not able to repay him/ her after you’ve achieved everything, even remembering those times will also pay respect to those helping hands.

Even you should be a helping hand to someone. Never feel or say to some one that the help was not worth. The words might be small but the pain is huge. Even if it’s a smallest help, then do praise them, only then others can truly praise you.

No one is here by their own means, no one is a self made man, it requires team work and team work is nothing but helping each other. Even if they are doing nothing is also a kind of help, they have faith in you that’s the reason they are standing by you.

Recognising the person who is really helping you and who is enjoying your time is truly a challenge. A person who helps you may seem strict or aggressive and the person who is just enjoying will always be happy to be around you.

This is because, the one who is enjoying will get recognition just being around you and the one who scolds you tries to correct you. But the mind is our biggest enemy which tends to support the enjoying person and not the helping person.

Try and change yourself, help others and respect your helping hands.

Anyone who fights with you may not your enemy similarly some one who enjoys with you may not be your friend.


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