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Jealousy is a disease!

There is always an unsatisfied part in person’s life. This happens due to the over expectation and when you fail to achieve them, you get depressed and unsatisfied with what you have now. There is also another reason for this unsatisfactory mindset and that is jealousy which is a disease. It is something you feel when being compared with someone else who is ahead of you in some matter.


Jealousy is a kind of disease which comes unknowingly and have terrible symptoms and has less cure. Comes unknowingly is because you don’t feel the presence of such disease. Most of them won’t even know they are jealous of someone else that’s why I stated it comes unknowingly.

Symptoms of such disease are anger, depression, feeling unworthy of something or sometimes even worse which is argument. These symptoms are common for everyone in every matter.

Some person will be jealous because his friend is too rich or good at academics, sports or any other matter. It is very common behaviour of a human being. This disease can be turned into a determination or enthusiasm also. Is there any person without being jealous? Yes there are many who have left their livelihood and turned themselves into monks or nuns. These are the only people who stay without being affected by the disease jealousy or unhappiness.


This is all because of your mindset. Jealousy is a common nature. It is something like feeling or happy or unhappy. You cannot completely stay away from it. Yes but you can control it. You only feel jealous with those people who are near or dear to you. One cannot be jealous with some actors or celebrities because you don’t feel the right to compare yourself with them. To those kind of people, you admire them for their success or valuable items.

Why can’t you admire even those to whom you feel jealous about. It is possible but not from your heart. There are some other people who feel happy for their counterparts and don’t feel jealous. These are the people who want you to succeed and grow more than anyone else. These kind of people are very less, but they stand with you at all matter and fight alongside you. They never take the credit of anything but instead give you all the credits.


So how to overcome this disease or control it? It can only be done by yourself and no one helps you in this matter. The way you feel jealous towards someone, some others might be jealous of you at that moment. Why do you have to loose hope and compare yourself?

If you feel jealous of someone or something, then turn those jealously into a smaller goals and start working hard to achieve them. There is no time to waste and start blaming or feeling low for not being the same as others. They have worked hard to reach there so now it’s your turn to work hard and work such that you move ahead of that person. The jealously should ignite a flame in you to work more and work harder.

This should make you push your limits little further so that you can achieve what you want soon. If you feel that there is no cure of disease, then it’s just your mind giving up. There is an answer to every problem so is cure to every disease. You just need to believe in such. If you are ready to do so, then you will be more successful than anyone else. First believe in yourself, have the determination to work at any condition and move ahead. Take every point as a challenge and push yourself at every situation. Never give up. That’s the solution or cure for the disease jealousy.


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