Power of Mind

Nature’s effect on mind.

The nature has such a beauty that can easily dissolve any cold hearted person. It’s always present even before the creation of mankind and animals and it will still cherish even after the extinction of mankind. Very less people have the ability to understand the beauty of nature and what it really imply on your life.

Nature or the environment propagates different visuals at different time, it may be the colour, the withering, blooming, shape and many more things. The point I want to highlight here is regarding the different colours it promotes at different times and the way it express to mankind. Colours of nature refers to the indications of colours in the sky which are completely visible to everyone’s eye. But the natures true colour is visible only to those who seek more of it.

The sky is one for all, it does not differentiate between anyone as the humans do to their counter parts. Sky represents many colours depending on different time intervals at different seasons. There is a link between the natures colour and the mood of a person.

First let’s see the colours that are completely visible to our eyes. The very first one to begin with is the bright red colour at the very beginning of the day followed by the light orange colour. After some time it turns to complete blue. Later at the evening again we can see it turning to pink and then followed by orange and red later to complete dark black.

These are the phenomena due to scattering of light as per scientific terms. Yes it is due the same phenomenon but there are several facts which most of the people try to avoid or pay very less attention to. A person can react differently upon witnessing different types of colours which in small word can be said to as change in moods. Upon observing certain colours, the mind reacts in a different manner and this happens subconsciously. So what the changes that occur to the colours around us?

Very first comes the bright red colour early in the morning and then followed by orange. These are colour of warmth, they make our body to gain warmth and become active. When you go for a walk or jog early in the morning, you feel a certain kind of freshness in your mind and body. These changes occur due to the reaction to the colour of sky. This is the reason our mind feel active and more ideas seems to build up. Both in the morning and evening. This red or orange is symbol of power, love and passion. It is also known as symbol of danger but not others but to oneself. This is because, being more active the mind attracts very versatile ideas and if positive are brought up, it gives better results and if negative, similar is the result. The body and mind are more active at this part of the time and try to focus on your goals which will make you more dedicated towards it and help you work on them through out your day.

Next comes the blue colour through out the day. This is a cool colour or the colour of calmness. At this part the number of ideas striking are quite less but the body stays active and mind remains calm. This part of the day or season, the body only works upon the ideas that you have brought upon in morning. Your body is very productive compared to your mind. You also feel tired very soon as the colour reflects calmness, you seek rest.

Coming to next part is again the orange and red in the evening. This also have the same reactions as that of in the morning but the only change is, in the morning the first colour is red and then it turns fading and turn lighter in colour whereas in evening, it is first light in colour and gets darker and darker as the time goes on. This darkness is noting but the ideas get blurred. The ideas get blurred here means, the ideas you pop in your head will have a lot of energy and meaning but the body does not equally respond to those ideas. This happens due to the darkness.

Dark or black colour is the colour of mystery, unhappiness, sorrow and even changes your personality. This dark colour makes your mind to act very differently than compared to whole day. You won’t even believe such kind of change. This part the body is least productive but the mind is active and the ideas that reach are mysterious. Some part they are even the thoughts of your past which may include both happy and sad memories. The happy memory won’t stay up longer as compared to the sad memories. This part of the day the mind doesn’t make one to lie about their feelings on someone or something. More of the stress and regrets hit at this of the day. This is the reason you won’t feel happy at the tone of rainy seasons when it quite dark outside. Yes you may enjoy the rain but for how long? To overcome these stress and regrets one need to focus on goals and read books to keep diverted.

These things are common to everyone in this world but most of them don’t feel the difference or they don’t want to. Try and understand the beauty and mystery of nature. This helps one to change most the feelings and also helps one to build up his mind to work on something.

Keep yourself active and never regret on the things that you’ve done or not able to. Regretting will only bring sorrow and waste the precious time. Entertain yourself at those moments with the happy memories or spend quality time with family and friends. Books are the main thing that help one to focus more so engage yourself make mange your time judiciously.

Leave the past to live today and thrive tomorrow.


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