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Role of travelling in our life.

Travelling? You might be wondering why this has come up! There are no ideas without any meaning. Travelling is a very common thing for any person in this world. Knowingly or unknowingly we travel so much in our day today life. Have you wondered why do we travel? Why others are travelling? What is the role of travelling in our life ? Let’s travel together and unravel the beautiful things.

When did travelling start? Most of them know about the historical period and the most famous SILK ROUTE and many other routes or paths. But when did the travelling actually start? One might google the question and find the answer, but would that satisfy you ?

The google says the word Travelling was coined in the late 14th century. But what about before that time period? Did no one travel? The most important thing here is travelling started at very instant when life was created. One cannot sit in the same place where he/she was born until death! See travelling was the first thing that happened. Travelling is one of the biggest thing without which our life is incomplete.

Even nowadays when a child is born, parents first try to teach them how to crawl and then to walk. Even when you go through history, people used to travel huge distance to gather food and shelter because they did not have a permanent home. But now we live at a particular place, so is it the end of travelling? No we still travel lot of distance in order to reach school to study, to work place or to meet some one. On an average normal person travels around 20000 miles a year which is approximately 32000 kilometres. Some might even travel farther than that. How much will it be in his entire lifetime? The calculation is up to you.

Travelling is something which we think as covering a large distance, but what about the distance that you cover in your home the entire day? The distance that you cover while you are your office. Everything is related to travel. It is a movement. Most of the youngsters are wanderlust and travel a lot more than an average human. It’s a very good thing to do.

I brought up travelling not to tell how much you travel in your day or life but to show you it’s affect on your life.

Now you might be very curious to know the affects!

Travelling or journey is something where in your body is in motion with respect to the surrounding, but have you noticed your surrounding, spent any time looking or discovering something new? Our surrounding has different kinds of living and non living things full of mystery and beauty. These are something which when focused even for a little time will refresh your mood. If you have a habit of early morning walk, where would you go? In a beautiful place surrounded by nature or to place where you only find huge buildings and polluting vehicles?

It’s not only about the nature but travelling has so much effect on our mind subconsciously that our body feels numb but the mind works very fast. When you go out, you might be in some mood it may be good or not so happy but the moment you start making a move and look around you, the mind immediately gets diverted from that mood and generates its own ideas and also bring out some memories. The generation of ideas depends on the view you are surrounded by. If you are travelling from urban to rural, you find so many changes and the mind feels so active, why do you think it happens? These all ideas makes your mind refresh and active.

But the moment your journeys ends, the enthusiasm gets decreased and you feel like going back again. These small tricks helps you to make you mood get better through travelling and you won’t feel the burden when you reach your destination. When you travel with your friends to some tourist spot, you feel great about yourself so does your mind. Some travel to study some to work and some travel only for the purpose of tourism and adventure. Have you compared yourself with the one who engages themselves in tourism and adventure? The way they feel about the world is different from an normal person. They discover the beauty in nature and the nature in return provides them the beauty of positivity.

You get so much of time during your journey, have you tried to analyse how you utilise it? It’s not for those who are drivers but to those who are not. Even drivers can do many things while travelling, like listening to audio books. When you travel in a fresh mood or do something productive, you are actually reducing the risk of accidents. When you ride or travel in a bad mood, the negativity you posses starts to spread as you move, this negativity when gets increased and reaches its limit, something unnatural happens. This is not applicable to all but up to some extent. The same negativity will affect you even after reaching your destination. Travelling is meant to have a gap between the two destinations so that you don’t carry the same mood everywhere you go. That’s the main reason.

If you are at the same place, you feel bore and start to think about something unpredictable or unwanted, you feel the same mood at all the time and might tend to waste the precious time. But the moment you leave that place, the process of thinking also changes. There may or may not be waste of time it all depends on how and where you travel but the change in mood is absolute. Travelling will make you go through so many things and you get to witness different kinds of places and situations, the power of thinking will also increase.

Today’s situation in the world is an exception where in you are working directly from home, students are learning from their room and everything is happening inside your house. Whenever you get time try to move around even if it is nearby, the mind gets freshened and you feel relaxed and comfortable. Spend some time with the beauty of nature and walk around, this will not only refresh your mood but also will keep you fit and healthy. But be safe when you travel. The famous writer J K Rowling, the author of the series Harry Potter got the idea to pen down these novels while travelling.

There are many other examples when you go through. It all comes to one point, how you see yourself and your surroundings. It’s not about the burden you carry but the the way you try to overcome it.

Accident is painful but safety is gainful. Keep travelling and keep unravelling new ideas and thoughts.


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