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Show Off and Show Case!

These two words are very common in day to day life. Many of them may even know the meaning but too there are many things that need to be taken care of in our life. Most of them have the confusion in the exact difference and also get confused what is what! These are very small things in a persons life but these small things when acted upon correctly will give big changes.

Let’s start with show off. What is show off? Is it good or bad! Not need to worry about that. Good or bad doesn’t matter until the proper content is portrayed. The content which you show off is of great importance. Everything cannot be of great importance in ones life until it is very expensive, everyone will agree with this point. Show off is something that you wish to show everyone about the matter or object or anything that makes you feel unique. In today’s generation, social media plays an important role in posting things which allows one to express everything to the world. Some of these posting can be personal but too they feel like posting onto social media. So what do you achieve after posting such things? I presume nothing. It’s a good thing that most of the news updates are also available from social media posting but that doesn’t mean anything can be posted. Similar is show offing. Show off will only satisfy the gut feeling which you get when you buy an expensive watch or dress or any other item. It will not make anyone feel great about the person. The moment will be of 5 to 10 seconds where in someone will feel happy, some jealous and some insecure, but it won’t last.

On the other side show casing is something that you have achieved and wish to show to the world about your achievements. Show casing is similar to the show case which is done with artifacts at your home. Those artifacts may be some kind of achievement or gift or some other kind of heart touching item that you wish to keep safe and always in front of yourself which makes you feel proud. Similarly social media can also be used to show case some of your achievements or talents that you posses which will make the world to have a better view towards you. This will make people get attracted towards you and also brings fame. You can also share some of the experience or teach others with these kind of things. Once you show case the talent people will automatically start following your path and you may also become an ideal to others.

A person who wants to be successful or have the mindset to achieve that he desires will never make such show offing. It will only make people know about your path and after your success, the happiness that others will feel won’t be of such high grade. Instead show case only your talent or your knowledge. This may even make you bring more opportunities in life to be successful.

Show off will only satisfy your ego where as show casing will make you more attractive and concentrated towards one point. Once you start show casing you abilities let it be your hobby or interest, if people start noticing then the demand starts increasing which will also make you more dedicated towards it. Even if the hobby which you started gets noticing, then it will also definitely bring you something that will make you feel satisfied about yourself. These show casing is nothing but sharing the knowledge to the world. With these kind of things many people start getting in touch with others in order to learn or teach. This will make you more diversified and broad minded. The knowledge in you will be shared to others and you will gain plenty of it.

Stop showing off the things that you bought from your money or your fathers money instead show case yourself which will further make more money. Initial stage is bit tough as many less will notice you, but if you have the desire, belief and patience then you will definitely get recognised. If you are good at something, first improve it more and more and take it to a level of an expert. Then once you start posting or show casing, even the negativity raised can also be handled with ease. On the other side if you show off, it will only eat your money and you won’t gain anything. Even the things that you buy are properly show cased in the malls to attract more people. That’s the power of show casing.

Everyone nowadays are getting recognised by these social media postings. Not by show offing but by show casing. Many young talented actors are popping up with their unique styles, many artists and singers are emerging. This happened because they show cased their talent and after sometime got recognised by some great person. Even you may be one of them, start making your mindset to better yourself and show case.

Take you time to think the difference between show casing and show offing and then act upon it.


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