Power of Mind

Thinking out of the box!


Most of today’s generation or we can say developing and upgrading generation are always following the footsteps of their ideals or parents. They are upgrading only in the matter of technology and not in matter of thinking. One may ask what’s the need of putting in lots of effort to think on what has to be done where the work is already done by technology?

Yes the work is done by technology and you are getting unemployed because of that. If all the work has to be done by machines, then what’s the use of humans ? Only to maintain the machines ? One cannot be the reason for one’s failure also one cannot blame others for one’s loss.

When you face a problem, you simply tend to give up and look up to someone else answers and follow the steps. This is what you’ve been doing since school. Some are too smart to solve their answers on their own but why not all ? One can easily develop the power of mind as stated in my earlier article.


We all face problems everyday in our life. No one is free from problems. Others tend to tackle them easily compared to you might be your biggest question. What’s the reason for that? Have you ever thought on that ? Just like school days, when you get stuck in a problem at a particular point, you gave up thinking you won’t be able to solve it. The next moment you copied the steps of others who had solved the problem correctly.

This is what you do in your problems of life. You might have got stuck up in the same problem as one of your friends and you thought of to use the same steps as he/she did. It might have worked for them but there is less probability it will work for you. It’s because the ability is different. The problems we face may seem similar but they are of different levels and durations. One cannot use others steps to overcome problems.

Another reason is your ability to handle risk. Most of you don’t like to get stuck in problems not only most but none of us want to get stuck in problems. To overcome those some take the risk to challenge and fight for it where as others just wait and copy the same steps as of the one clearing. This is a big hinderance. Your mind has become lazy and doesn’t support you to work for your own steps.


Just like mathematics, for every problem there is a solution. It doesn’t matter which formula you are using but ultimately you will get the required solution. If you tend to follow others formula and move forward, you won’t reach the level as they would. It’s because they are working as per their capacity and level of problems, which is not the same for everyone. You may feel the success at that particular moment but it won’t take you far.

Every person has his/her own mental strength. You need to work on that and think on your own. You may feel there is no other possible way for the problem but that’s the point when you have the chance to stand out and try to make out a new solution. If a person is providing a solution to a particular problem, you take your time to think and come with new way to solve it. This way you will have your own ideology to move forward. That’s the reason everyone do not have the same thinking ability and capacity. Take all the problems as a chance to learn something new. Only then you can have better results.

The ability to take risk also matters. The more risk you take, the more work you tend to provide to your brain and more active you are making. Risk are nothing but the path to strengthen you mind and will. If you tend to avoid risk, your mind won’t be able to help you when you are stuck alone in a problem. Make up your mind to strengthen it. Take every challenge and think differently than others.

Try to be different from others. They may laugh at first but ultimately it’s you who are working for yourself and will grow more than those who are just copying the steps of others. Don’t give up early. Everything has its own time to work. Time itself is a challenge. Put yourself under pressure only then you can find different kinds of solutions. Mind is quite lazy, it tends to move out of high load of works. Keep you mind active and strengthen it.