Power of Mind

What is your limit?

Do we have any limits to our knowledge or ideas or work we do ? What do you think about this ? Many of them put on limits by themselves and then blame the situation or other factors.

Real Limit:

If you ask me, Limit is not something that is put on by others, it is put up by yourself. You may feel the burden sometimes or the discomfort for doing the work, that’s when your mind comes in and plays the role of limiting your ideas and process of working.

Your own way of thinking is making you fall behind and not the situation. In fact it’s the limit put up by your mind creating such situations and hinderance. This happens because lack of interest.

When you start watching a series or start playing a game, you get involved so much that you will forget about time, but do you do the same with your work or studies? No. And why is that? It’s because of interest. Once you loose interest, your mind start making assumptions and creates a limit to your work as if it’s a burden.

Sometimes you may even feel that your mind is trying to make excuses from the work you are doing by bringing up the past or thinking about future. It even tries to manipulate you by making you look at the time again and again when you make up some routine.

Focus on the work you do is the key to push your limit. It’s not the only case about work, but when you want to study or do some business or invest in something, people will try and give feedback’s or comments of which some will be in favour and some not.

The mind we posses is so much against us, it tries to concentrate only on the negative comments and creates a limit or a barrier around you from moving any further. Remember these negative comments are given by those who don’t want you to grow or move any further.

If there are hurdles as said by some people then take it as a challenge and focus on the positive feedback’s. Every work we do has some or other hurdles in them. There is no work without any difficulties. Just focus on the work and the positive vibes.

If you are focusing on your work or goal and you feel difficulty at some point and if you are not able to move any further, then it just means you are off the track you were going on. You will face the difficulties only when you loose the interest or fall off the track.

These difficulties or diversions are created by your mind. Have control on your mind and keep your focus completely on your goal. If you fall off the track thinking about something else, your mind starts creating a barrier such that you will feel the lack of confidence and determination to achieve your goal.

This is very similar to a racer running on a track, if you loose your focus from the track, you may land up on someone else track and this may bring up new problems.

Never loose your focus from your goal and from your track.

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