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What your habits say about you!

There are lot many habits to which we get addicted or tend to have the trait from childhood. Some of the habits are quite good and will help you achieve what you desire but some other habits tend to take you to a lower stage. What are these habits and how can we relate those habits with our present lives? You will get to know once you complete reading this. I suggest you to take a brief look on previous article, Actions reveal everything, which tell about body language and how to have control over them. That will help you connect with this.

Let us begin with the consideration of different kinds of habits.

1. Walking style.

You might start wondering how is walking style a habit! As foretold, some of the habits are those to which you get addicted knowingly but some tend to have it from childhood and similar is your walking style. How does your walking style describe about you! Walking style is also an act of body language where in each and every movement of your body shows your activeness, your interest and your involvement. This has also been proved by body language expert.

If your weight is usually forward and your stride is quick, you are extremely productive and highly logical. A person who has this kind of walking style, walks briskly and tries to stay active all the times. We can also say the person is always on toes. They take the points quickly, absorb and work on them and always try the best possible way to make it out, they are also very competitive and don’t like to loose. This is the reason people tend to admire you.

If you walk with your chest forward, shoulders back, and your head held high, you are fun, charismatic, and socially adept, though you may tend to hog the spotlight. You tend to be very straight forward and bold in all the matters. People with this walking style tend to admire their looks more and always willing to impress others.

If your weight is over your legs, not forward or back, you’re more interested in people than in tasks, and more focused on your personal life than your career. You make everything balanced and work adequately as per requirement. You never tend to waste extra amount of energy than what is necessary. You stand out to help others in every matter and put in lot of efforts to make them shine, where as you are least bothered about yourself.

When you walk with your weight back and eyes looking down to earth, are very shy and polite. They are afraid to face the world by themselves but are effective in group. You feel to give up on something quickly and feel incapable even though you are having the talent.

You can always try to copy someone’s style but that’s not what you truly represent. If you want to change your walking style, start working today not only physical activity but also to improve your mental ability.

2. Handshake.

Yes the handshake also defines your personality abruptly.

So if you have complete grip on your hand shake, you are tend to be very confident and ready to face anything. The full grip defines you are ready to put in everything you have in the challenge or work. At this point, eye contact also plays and important role. If you complete the grip and have stable eye contact, the above said is completely true, but if you tend to avoid eye contact with minute importance on the counter person, you are trying to show off yourself and try to prove you are superior.

Next is the temperature and dryness. The temperature here means whether the hand you extend is warm or cold. Warm hand shake with dry hands are known for respect towards the opposite person. They are comfortable around you and feel relaxed, where as cold or sweaty handshake represents fear of someone or something.

If you are confident with what you are let the opponent be anyone, there won’t be fear in your body language. If you tend to show your fear, it becomes a strength to your opponent. Be yourself and be confident with the knowledge and practice you have.

3. Handwriting.

When we were kids, most of them have got regular taunts from teachers regarding the writing style. People with a habit of writing large letters are known as attention seekers. The reason is clear enough, they want to be the epicentre to the people around them. They also try to decorate some of the words. They try to boost themselves on all the matter.

Some people with small writing are very concentrated and precise. They tend to follow rules and feel to be simple but goal oriented. The way they write clearly indicates their mental ability above average and quick learner. They are very logical.

Writing with slight right slant indicates you are friendly and impulsive. You like to mingle with friends and spend time. You feel pressure when it comes to work related issues. You feel to wander with friends and stay away from work. Similarly with left slant indicates the exact opposite. You feel realistic and try to be alone. You work around and try to build as much as possible. Very passionate.

Pressurised writing indicates you have strong emotions and react quickly. Whereas light pressure indicates you feel free and like to move from place to place. You are not satisfied with only one thing and keep on changing regularly.

Compared to all these there is one more that is neatness. If a person is writing clean and clear are very patient and think wisely, whereas if a person doesn’t write quite neat are impatient and aggressive. They don’t like hard work and stay away.

4. Punctuality.

Here I refer punctuality not only for time related actions but also the means of travel. Firstly the person who is very punctual and never gets late are very eager to work and focus more towards building themselves too much. The person who tends to get late shows negligence towards the work they do and also disinterest. This person won’t be able to gain as much as the person who keeps himself punctual.

Punctuality is something that directly says about the personality. The first picture of the person will be a bright and always stand out to be the best.

Now while going to office or school, if you travel by your own vehicle and you ride rash or feel like you hurry all the time or don’t like to wait at signals and pushing yourself through small gaps between, shows the impatience and like to escape from burden. You never like to take the responsibility for anything and try to stay behind. If you don’t pay attention to signals and are relaxed even if you are getting late, you have a calm mind and know how to handle situations positively.

5. Miscellaneous.

Some times people even tend to get angry on very silly points which shows they are not happy with what they have and needs more attention. They always feel the burden and become lonely. Person with short temper are also likely to be frustrated with the life they are leading and want to have a change quickly.

People who tend to laugh more and even on silliest jokes shows they are not so happy with their present life and want to mingle with everyone and grab attention.

These all are the habits that are more or less everyone in this world have. After reading this you try to analyse yourself but the point here is not only to analyse but also to improve. You may mock walking style, handshake and even handwriting but just coping the physical movements won’t make you a changed person. It all starts from inside. The change should not come due to influence of others but it should come to improve yourself and influence others.

Have a grip on yourself even if you are not satisfied with what you have. Don’t compare with others and feel low but try and work hard so that you can get things far better than what you dreamt of.


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